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Memorial and Honoring gifts are thoughtful expressions of sympathy or recognition of the person remembered or honored. 
The gift carries with it spiritual values as well as social politeness.


Memorial or Honoring Gift
The death of a loved one or close friend can be memorialized through the Society's Memorial Program.  The bereaved family may request that in lieu of flowers, a gift may be made to the Bible Society for a specific purpose, such as general operations.  Memorial gifts may also be designated for the Rev. Edwin H. Frey Memorial Fund which uses the income for the distribution of free Bibles to the needy.  The family is notified of the gift with the name of the donor.

Gifts honoring a person on special occasions such as graduations, anniversaries, special accomplishments, etc. may also be made to the Society specifying the gift's use as outlined under the above Memorial Gifts.  The honoree is notified of the gift with the name of the donor.

Support the Bible Cause through a memorial or honoring gift.