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In 1840 the managers decided to change the name of the society from its original BIBLE SOCIETY OF PHILADELPHIA to a name that better described the society’s mission, the PENNSYLVANIA BIBLE SOCIETY.  Here is an excerpt from the annual report of 1840 describing the name change:

"The application made to the Legislature was granted and the Bible Society will now be known as the PENNSYLVANIA BIBLE SOCIETY, and the Vice-Presidents will be elected from members of the Society throughout the State, and not be confined to the Board of Managers.

In assuming by name, as well as occupance, the charge of the Bible cause in Pennsylvania, we cannot but deeply feel the responsibility incurred.

No Bible Society throughout our land occupies, by its direct action, a more important sphere of influence.  Pennsylvania, from its magnitude, resources, population, central position, and great Eastern and Western outlets, occupies an influential position in our Republic, and with her energies rightly directed, may largely bless the world.  To acquit ourselves in the duties assigned us, with fidelity to our own population, and, through them, toward our whole country, and the world at large, will require not only unwearied diligence on the part of the Managers, but likewise cordial co-operation from the friends of the Bible cause.  With this aid our duties may be discharged, and, indeed, our responsibilities be welcomed."
(from the 32nd Annual Report – 1840)

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